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Why Structural Engineering Is Just As Relevant As Ever

Structural engineering forms an important part of civil engineering, and has risen to become a cornerstone in the world’s construction sector. During the 20th century, structural engineering became central to the construction process. From the Eifel Tower to the World Trade Centres to even large apartment blocks, structural engineering still plays a key role in how we construct our buildings today.

Everyday, technology advances, and new advanced like CAD software has been introduced to streamline the design and final analysis phase, with structural engineering becoming part and parcel of the construction procedure today. So what are some of the key benefits that structural engineering offers as an engineering discipline? Let’s take a look.

Structural Design Support

Skilled structural engineers bring the capability of providing detailed information regarding foundations, floors, beams and roofs, as well as the quantity of steel needed to complete a project. They play a key role in designing of individual elements, as well as the structure as a whole.

Structural Analysis

Using complex and amalgamated materials in modern structures necessitate effective and accurate structural analysis for design reliability, safety, strength and material specification. Skilled structural engineers detail the capabilities of structures concerning support and performance, and is invaluable to the construction process.

Safety Evaluation

Another crucial benefit of modern structural engineering is that these engineers help in predicting safety, and assess capacity and stability of a structure against dynamic and static loading. This helps to keep buildings and people safe at all times.

At Bigen Africa, we’ve been providing our expert services since 1927, and have enjoyed rapid growth in the industry of infrastructure management. Today, we have a staff complement of well over 500 employees, and we are a proudly BEE compliant company. We also have a stable of expert structural engineers at hand to provide you with the expert services and solutions you need. Contact us to discuss your structural engineering needs in greater detail today.