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Doing good while doing business

Executive Chairperson Dr Snowy Khoza Speaks Out Against Corruption In Business

Addressing Africa’s Infrastructure Deficit

A Day In The Life Of A Civil Engineer

Guide to Business Survival

Bigen Africa is constantly striving to provide value driven solutions to the many challenges facing the African Continent. Take a look at the expert opinions contained on the videos below.

Top Water Project in Botswana

Thought Leadership – Doing Business in Africa

Bigen Thought Leadership – Revenue Management in Local Government

We look at Green Construction and what it means – the benefits and challenges involved.

We use the recently completed Kraaifontein Public Transport Facility as an example of a Green Construction project. Not only was the project a major success, it is the first of it’s kind in South Africa and being regarded as the benchmark for all future Transport Facilities for the City of Cape Town.

Topics covered are using less resources, finding alternative sources for resource consumption. Also covered are challenges involved, strategies for reuse, and details on the project.

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