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Doing good while doing business

Management Consulting

Structural Engineering The expertise and best-practice methodologies of our management consultancy team are integral to our smarter business approach. We partner with and empower clients to:

  • Enhance sustainability
  • Create jobs
  • Stimulate economic development
  • Meet delivery targets and
  • Achieve developmental and strategic objectives.

We assist clients with target-setting to achieve business objectives by focusing on:

Asset management, where we have a proven track record to effectively manage assets and maintain infrastructure.

Programme and project management in the implementation of a portfolio of projects within large, cross-cutting programmes, to support government’s strategic targets of eradicating backlogs in the delivery of clean water, sanitation and housing.

Revenue enhancement, to guide the implementation of credit control and debt collection strategies, apply data integrity and ‘clean-up’ processes and use ‘road-maps’ to ensure financial stability and capacity building.

Mining and Industrial, to assist mines to remain profitable enterprises, while contributing positively to development, both locally and throughout Africa.

Environmental services, to identify relevant legislation, respond to legal requirements and implement compliance measures.

Institutional management, including collaboration and joint development (through joint Development Forums) to implement sustainable structures and systems and forge strategic relationships with public and private sector decision-makers and relevant stakeholders.

Land reform, as a strategic partner to the Department of Land Affairs, to help fast-track the delivery of sustainable land reform through our 14 offices across South Africa.


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