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Development Finance

capability_and_skills_graphIntroduction to our capabilities and products

The Development Finance and Advisory Services (DFAS) team comprises individuals with significant expertise and experience in a wide range of multi-disciplinary fields. Collectively this small team boasts skills that span the fields of project finance, modelling, legal, institutional, project management and engineering. In the fields of development finance and transaction advisory services, great reliance is placed on such wide ranging multi-disciplinary expertise and experience in order to ensure sound risk management and creativity but also innovative solutions to clients’ problems.

Within the context of development finance and transaction advisory services our key capabilities in the DFAS team include:

  • Financial modelling and structuring of projects
  • Legal risk and compliance management
  • Technical Planning
  • Programme design
  • Arranging of funding

What is however even more important is how these capabilities have been packaged into products and services that can meet the need of our clients. The wheel-diagram below is intended to highlight this. Around the inner circle of our Capabilities & Skills, our four Key Product Areas are shown. Each of these product areas is aimed at a wide range of client needs and wants which are shown in the outer circle. By selecting the client need that is the closest match to your own need, you can quickly identify the relevant product area and then refer to the product sheet that gives more detailed information on that product area. Hopefully this will assist to highlight how we can be of service and facilitate a more focussed response to any query or enquiry that may be lodged.



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