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Doing good while doing business

The Power of Reliable and Expert Rural Water Supply Construction Management

Access to a secure and safe source of fresh water is a human right. This is why at Bigen Africa, we have evolved, learned and grown to think differently and smarter about rural water supply construction management, as well as infrastructure development. Our solutions have also evolved to span the entire lifecycle of water cycle projects.

In order to remain at the cutting edge of our industry, and to provide our clients with maximum benefit, we combine integrated and sustainable development partnerships by providing clients with the advantage of tailored infrastructure on-site. What’s more, we also deliver sustainable projects while at the same time aiming to improve the quality of life of every day South Africans.

What You Can Expect from Bigen Africa

We’ve worked hard to develop an attractive value proposition for our clients. This includes integrating entire value chains in a water and sanitation infrastructure development project, through our carefully chosen partnerships and in-house capabilities. As a leader in the rural water supply construction management industry, we deliver these solutions from the project’s inception and preparation phase right through to feasibility studies and implementation, with ongoing asset management and construction supervision.

In order to ensure the success of any cost-effective and sustainable sanitation and water system, you have to integrate social, physical, institutional and financial elements. Subsequently, our water and sanitation services include:

• Water engineering services;
• Sanitation engineering services;
• Solid waste engineering services; and
• Mining and industrial water engineering services, among others.

Let us help you get the most out of your water supply construction project. Aside from this management solution, we also offer many other management consulting solutions, including program and project management, mining and industrial, revenue enhancement and environment services, to name only a few.

We bring many years’ experience to our industry, and to every project that we undertake. Speak to us today to learn more about what our company can do for your community. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.