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Should You Outsource Your Infrastructure Management Needs?

Managing vital components such as processes, policies, equipment and data can have far reaching consequences on the effectiveness of an organisation. Effective infrastructure management mainly guarantees conformance to standards between the company’s internal and external entities, while also enhancing the lifespan of the company’s infrastructure and assets.

When you outsource your infrastructure management needs, helps to free up your management and team’s time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core activities. At Bigen Africa, we work towards enhancing the quality of life of all citizens through service delivery to communities across the African continent. The art and science of physical asset management is at the hart of all we do, and our smarter thinking philosophy.

Our commitment and passion for excellence remains our driving force in providing value adding infrastructure management services and solutions. We have an integrated view of asset management, with the aim of helping to maximise the development of region. We facilitate co-ordinated practices and activities through which an organisation sustainably and optimally manages assets and asset systems.

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Our asset management capability also includes intimate knowledge of various acts, guidelines, standards and regulations, all of which impact on the management of physical assets in the infrastructure environment.

We make use of nationally and internationally recognised best standards, including:

• PAS 55:2008;
• IOS/IEC 15288: Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Processes; and
• DPLG Guidelines for Infrastructure Asset Management in Local Government 2006-2009.

We also add additional value by guaranteeing compliance with PFMA/MFMA, GRAP, National Treasury Regulation, and GIAMA, among other legislation that impacts on asset management practices and activities. Our team of dedicated industry professionals remains committed to adding value to our clients’ concerns.

With a disciplined approach to the management of physical assets, we continue to raise the standards of ethics and values in our industry. Speak to us for expert assistance and opinions on your infrastructure management needs, and let us help you get the most out of your physical infrastructure.