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Doing good while doing business

The Intuthuko Foundation

The Intuthuko Foundation non-profit company



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          1. Brief background to the Intuthuko Foundation

            The establishment of the Intuthuko Foundation was announced during the launch of the Vision 2014 strategic plan of Bigen Africa in December 2011 by Dr Snowy Khoza, Chief Executive Officer. It is one of the company’s vital efforts to address socio-economic development imperatives on the continent. The Foundation’s programmes and core businesses are linked to Bigen Africa’s fundamental principle of “doing good while doing business”.

            The Intuthuko Foundation acts as a catalyst for creating opportunities between business and communities to realise the principle of “doing good while doing business”. The Foundation’s strategy mirrors the company’s proactive approach to identifying projects it can be involved in, both inside and outside South Africa. The Intuthuko Foundation embraces the “people first” (Batho Pele) principles in line with the Bill of Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. The operational costs of Intuthuko Foundation will initially be underwritten by Bigen Africa as a sponsor of Intuthuko Foundation.

            • Vision

              The Intuthuko Foundation’s vision is to be the leading agent of socio-economic development on the continent of Africa, through improving the quality of life of communities in the areas where Bigen Africa operates.

            • Mission

              The foundation’s mission is to facilitate sustainable infrastructure development while simultaneously coordinating strategic partnerships for integrated development.

            • Objectives

              The Intuthuko Foundation aims to:

              • Enhance social cohesion in society through sustainable infrastructure development;
              • Create strategic partnerships in support of government objectives; and
              • Act as a facilitator and mobiliser (gearing and matching) of funds for integrated development projects.

            Strategic objectives are to:

            • Contribute to the development of dignified and sustainable communities primarily by means of infrastructure development; and
            • Contribute to human dignity through, inter alia, job creation, poverty alleviation, capacity building and business development drive.

            Click here to view the Intuthuko Foundation Structure

            The Intuthuko Foundation is a non-profit company that complies with the Companies Act of 2008 and other relevant legislative documents. Bigen Africa is the sponsor of IF under the championship and leadership of Dr Snowy Khoza, Chief Executive Officer, the executive directors and the Foundation’s coordinator.

            The Intuthuko Foundation has six committee members, three of which comprise the Board of Directors. The Committee also has two external non-executive directors, one of which is a patron. The role of the Committee is to formulate the strategic intent and direction of the Intuthuko Foundation.


            The Intuthuko Foundation has short, medium and long-term strategic objectives as articulated in the business plan. The Intuthuko business plan outlines the importance of strategic partnerships and collaboration in leveraging competitive advantage for Bigen Africa. The Foundation has categorised the partnerships in terms of the nature of the agreements, for example, to partner with employees, government, non-profit companies, non-government and community-based organisations and foreign charitable organisations across the continent.


            Services that will be offered by Intuthuko Foundation will include:

            • Integrated development management;
            • Project identification and needs analysis;
            • Collaboration agreements;
            • Procurement of service providers;
            • Acting as implementing agent;
            • Social facilitation;
            • Sustainable development impact assessments and management;
            • Research and development; and
            • Knowledge management and sharing.
          5. BENEFITS

            It is envisaged that the direct benefit that Bigen Africa will derive through the Intuthuko Foundation will be the strengthening of its reputation beyond only compliance. It will strive to simultaneously strengthen:

            • Welfare and humanitarian services; and
            • Healthcare, including:
              • Competitive advantage
              • Opening up of opportunities through the value chain; and
              • Enhancement of Bigen Africa’s BBEEE status and that of its partners.
              • Effective and efficient service delivery


“Doing good while doing business” is an integrated approach which provides socio-economic benefits as the main thrust while the company is developing infrastructure solutions.


          • Newcastle – Zithuthukele Crèche; and
          • City of Tshwane – food parcels; and
          • Bigen Africa Golf Day in aid of Mamelodi Hospice and Pop-Up.



Dirk Kleingeld

Acting CEO

Mobile: 082 577 2107

Tel: +(27) (0)12 842 9009


Allan Cormack Street, Innovation Hub , P.O. Box 29 Innovation Hub, 0087

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