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Why Structural Engineering Is Just As Relevant As Ever

Structural engineering forms an important part of civil engineering, and has risen to become a cornerstone in the world’s construction sector. During the 20th century, structural engineering became central to the construction process. From the Eifel Tower to the World Trade Centres to even large apartment blocks, structural engineering still plays a key role in how we construct our buildings today.

Everyday, technology advances, and new advanced like CAD software has been introduced to streamline the design and final analysis phase, with structural engineering becoming part and parcel of the construction procedure today. So what are some of the key benefits that structural engineering offers as an engineering discipline? Let’s take a look.

Structural Design Support

Skilled structural engineers bring the capability of providing detailed information regarding foundations, floors, beams and roofs, as well as the quantity of steel needed to complete a project. They play a key role in designing of individual elements, as well as the structure as a whole.

Structural Analysis

Using complex and amalgamated materials in modern structures necessitate effective and accurate structural analysis for design reliability, safety, strength and material specification. Skilled structural engineers detail the capabilities of structures concerning support and performance, and is invaluable to the construction process.

Safety Evaluation

Another crucial benefit of modern structural engineering is that these engineers help in predicting safety, and assess capacity and stability of a structure against dynamic and static loading. This helps to keep buildings and people safe at all times.

At Bigen Africa, we’ve been providing our expert services since 1927, and have enjoyed rapid growth in the industry of infrastructure management. Today, we have a staff complement of well over 500 employees, and we are a proudly BEE compliant company. We also have a stable of expert structural engineers at hand to provide you with the expert services and solutions you need. Contact us to discuss your structural engineering needs in greater detail today.


Should You Outsource Your Infrastructure Management Needs?

Managing vital components such as processes, policies, equipment and data can have far reaching consequences on the effectiveness of an organisation. Effective infrastructure management mainly guarantees conformance to standards between the company’s internal and external entities, while also enhancing the lifespan of the company’s infrastructure and assets.

When you outsource your infrastructure management needs, helps to free up your management and team’s time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core activities. At Bigen Africa, we work towards enhancing the quality of life of all citizens through service delivery to communities across the African continent. The art and science of physical asset management is at the hart of all we do, and our smarter thinking philosophy.

Our commitment and passion for excellence remains our driving force in providing value adding infrastructure management services and solutions. We have an integrated view of asset management, with the aim of helping to maximise the development of region. We facilitate co-ordinated practices and activities through which an organisation sustainably and optimally manages assets and asset systems.

Get More from Outsourced Infrastructure Management from Bigen Africa

Our asset management capability also includes intimate knowledge of various acts, guidelines, standards and regulations, all of which impact on the management of physical assets in the infrastructure environment.

We make use of nationally and internationally recognised best standards, including:

• PAS 55:2008;
• IOS/IEC 15288: Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Processes; and
• DPLG Guidelines for Infrastructure Asset Management in Local Government 2006-2009.

We also add additional value by guaranteeing compliance with PFMA/MFMA, GRAP, National Treasury Regulation, and GIAMA, among other legislation that impacts on asset management practices and activities. Our team of dedicated industry professionals remains committed to adding value to our clients’ concerns.

With a disciplined approach to the management of physical assets, we continue to raise the standards of ethics and values in our industry. Speak to us for expert assistance and opinions on your infrastructure management needs, and let us help you get the most out of your physical infrastructure.


The Power of Reliable and Expert Rural Water Supply Construction Management

Access to a secure and safe source of fresh water is a human right. This is why at Bigen Africa, we have evolved, learned and grown to think differently and smarter about rural water supply construction management, as well as infrastructure development. Our solutions have also evolved to span the entire lifecycle of water cycle projects.

In order to remain at the cutting edge of our industry, and to provide our clients with maximum benefit, we combine integrated and sustainable development partnerships by providing clients with the advantage of tailored infrastructure on-site. What’s more, we also deliver sustainable projects while at the same time aiming to improve the quality of life of every day South Africans.

What You Can Expect from Bigen Africa

We’ve worked hard to develop an attractive value proposition for our clients. This includes integrating entire value chains in a water and sanitation infrastructure development project, through our carefully chosen partnerships and in-house capabilities. As a leader in the rural water supply construction management industry, we deliver these solutions from the project’s inception and preparation phase right through to feasibility studies and implementation, with ongoing asset management and construction supervision.

In order to ensure the success of any cost-effective and sustainable sanitation and water system, you have to integrate social, physical, institutional and financial elements. Subsequently, our water and sanitation services include:

• Water engineering services;
• Sanitation engineering services;
• Solid waste engineering services; and
• Mining and industrial water engineering services, among others.

Let us help you get the most out of your water supply construction project. Aside from this management solution, we also offer many other management consulting solutions, including program and project management, mining and industrial, revenue enhancement and environment services, to name only a few.

We bring many years’ experience to our industry, and to every project that we undertake. Speak to us today to learn more about what our company can do for your community. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.


How Your Company Benefits from Professional Construction Management Solutions

When taking a construction management approach to a major building project, seasoned experts who are experienced in specialised areas such as cost estimating, value engineering, systems analysis, procurement and construction co-ordination help keep a project in check. These professionals are experienced in bringing in construction projects on time and within budget.

The involvement of a seasoned construction management company can help you to save money while also delivering the project by meeting the various targets and milestones. Let’s take a look at some of the many other ways in which your business can benefit from hiring a professional construction manager to oversee every aspect of your construction project.

Enjoy The Lowest Possible Project Cost

An obvious benefit of partnering with a seasoned construction manager is the fact that you enjoy the lowest possible project cost, based on choosing the lowest bidder from each of more than three dozen bid divisions. You can also rest assured that your construction manager works to advocate exclusively for your business, throughout the entire construction process.

These are only a few of the obvious ways in which professional construction management can benefit your company. At Bigen Africa, we’ve been providing expert management consulting services for many years. We bring expertise and best-practice metholodogies to each project that we undertake, and partner with our clients to enhance the sustainability of their construction projects, while also meeting delivery targets and achieving developmental and strategic objectives.

Expert in Management Consulting

Aside from providing construction management, we also offer many other management consulting solutions, including program and project management in the implementation of a portfolio of projects within large and cross-cutting programs. Our asset management solutions help our clients to effectively maintain infrastructure and manage their assets.

These are only a few of the ways in which we continue to lead the way forward in our industry. Our team is ready to provide you with the expert construction management solutions you need to bring your projects in on time, and within budget. Speak to us today for expert service and advice.


Take Your Company Forward with The Best Project Management South Africa Has To Offer

In order to reach new heights, as well as to stay ahead of the competition, you need solid project management solutions steeped in internationally aligned best practices. That is exactly what you receive when you partner with us. As one of the leaders in the very latest project management South Africa has to offer.

We have rooted our project support and management services in international best practice, and we believe that good projects are based on best practice methodology. Our Projects Delivery Division presents numerous capabilities through which we deliver on client objectives. Thanks to our commitment to customer and and client service excellence, we consistently deliver on our promises and help our clients pull off projects with great success.

All of our project management specialists are registered internationally with the Project Management Institute as Project Management Professionals, as well as in South Africa, as Professional Construction Managers with the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professionals. This is just one more reason why we are your first choice when it comes to partnering with the project management South Africa has to offer.

Project Delivery Models Delivered To Scale

In order to offer our clients the very best solutions possible, we offer various project delivery models best suited to project scale and complexity. Some of these delivery models are offered as project management consulting services, which range from single capacity assistance to owner’s team participation, to full EPC and EPCM + F offerings. Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that we will always go the extra mile to far exceed all expectations placed on us.

Our value proposition also extends to effective, efficient and economical use of resources, techniques and tools, in order to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. To learn more about our innovation in the application of best practice project management and change management, speak to us today. We look forward to providing you with all the information needed to make an informed business decision.


Does It Make Sense to Outsource Infrastructure Management In Your Business?

More and more companies are seeking to outsource their infrastructure management, and with good reason. It can be a great benefit to any company, having a dedicated and professional team managing their infrastructure. However, how do you know if it’s the right decision for your business? You start answering this question by taking a closer look at some of the many benefits associated with outsourcing your business’s infrastructure management.

By outsourcing infrastructure management, your growing company can retain its focus on your core competencies. This means you won’t be bogged down by administration and other tasks that might take away from your resources and concentration. As your business continues to grow, the growth of its infrastructure will also require a more dedicated approach.

Another benefit of outsourcing your infrastructure’s management is reduced labour costs. Hiring a team of full time professionals to handle all the company’s infrastructure needs can be more expensive than simply outsourcing the need to an external, third party. What’s more, you can easily scale the outsourced service to meet your growing needs, or downscale it should the need arise, and it’s far easier to do than when you are dealing with full time employees.

Choose Bigen Africa’s Dedicated Outsourced Infrastructure Management Solutions

Bigen Africa is one of the leading outsourced infrastructure management service providers in South Africa, and with good reason. We provide value based and integrated management and engineering consulting, as well as infrastructure management, advisory and development financing solutions to a growing clientele. Since our inception, we have worked with many companies not only in South Africa but throughout the rest of the continent as well.

With our state of the art business approach, we always strive to change lives through our sustainable and positive infrastructure developments. If you would like to learn more about us, and find out how we can help you enjoy greater returns from your infrastructure, simply contact us today. We look forward to providing you with all the information needed to make an informed business decision today.


Why Does It Pay To Invest In Construction Management Africa?

Large construction projects can easily become very complex, as there are many “moving parts” to any such project. It can be challenging keeping on top of every aspect of the project, especially if it doesn’t form part of your day job. It’s because of this that more companies than ever are investing in the best construction management Africa has to offer, to help them remain competitive, save money and to deliver their projects in on time.

So why does it pay to hire a construction management company? When you have an independent and dedicated team of professionals managing your construction project, you can look forward to enjoying many great benefits. For one, your construction manager operates as an objective and experienced owner’s representative, protecting your interests throughout the project.

This service also has the potential to reduce the overall project costs, which are usually well in excess of the fees. Savings can derive from enhanced competitive bidding, contract negotiation and value engineering, as well as reduced changed orders and reduction in overall time. These are only a few of the many advantages and benefits you can look forward to when you invest in the best construction management Africa has to offer.

Partner with Bigen Africa for Expert Construction Management Solutions in Africa

As a forward thinking and industry leading company, we have worked with many of Africa’s largest businesses and developers to help them bring their construction projects in on time, and on budget. Throughout our long history of celebrated service, we have gained valuable insight into the construction sector which we are looking forward to sharing with you.

Aside from providing professional construction management solutions, we also offer many other value adding services including development finance, management consulting and engineering solutions, among others. We are always at hand to provide you with all the information needed to make an informed business decision. Contact us to discuss your construction management needs in greater detail, and to find out what we can do for you.


The Rise of Urban Development Management in Africa

In many African countries, conventional planning approaches are facing various problems. In these countries, spatial and urban planning is frequently characterised by over-formalised procedures. However, there are also instances where governments responsible for spatial and urban development management can’t regulate private and other particular interests.

At Bigen Africa, you can rest assured that our experts are available to share their expertise in this discipline to the benefit of all our clients. We have already established nine branches of our business across South Africa, but also have a footprint in Botswana, Ghana and Zambia. Using these branches as a base camp, we’ve successfully completed projects in countries like Tanzania, Lesotho, Malawi and Kenya, to name a few.

One example of the success we’ve experienced in our urban development management endeavours is where we provided 100, 000 rural villagers with electricity that they might otherwise not have had access to. We continue to expand our urban development management services and solutions to other areas of our continent, working with governments and private industry to better the lives of communities.

Urban Development Management is a Key Factor Investing in the Municipal Infrastructure

We continue to put our faith in municipal infrastructure as being a key driver of modernising South Africa’s civilisation. It’s because of this belief that we continually invest in furthering our land development infrastructure service offering. This focuses on both the rural and urban developments, which in turn integrates and comprises commercial, social, residential and industrial land use.

We are proud of our excellent history of service in this regard, and we continue to lead the way forward in our sector. Physical infrastructure requirements span disciplines including roads, storm water and water management, as well as electrical reticulation. These are but a few of the ways in which we work hard to drive innovation in urban development management throughout South Africa, and the rest of the continent. To learn more about us, speak to our team today, and discuss your needs with seasoned and professional industry experts.


Bigen Africa’s Structural Engineering Competency – Strategically the Most Critical

Bigen Africa is resourced and capable in the structural engineering sector insofar as infrastructure and heavy industry is concerned. This is otherwise known as bulk engineering and is a specialization to arise out of the civil engineering discipline. Bigen is expected to have a comprehension and predictive capacity to calculate and understand the stability, strength, rigidity and/or flexibility of structures in the built environment. As such, the responsibility is a sober one, since the lives of so many future end users would be at risk. Structural engineering must also be able to integrate its designs compatibly with those of the main civil design and other design components as they apply.


The quality of structural integrity affects building functioning and safety and structural engineering is responsible for making creative and effective, productive and efficient use of funds, structural elements and materials to succeed at project goals. Bigen’s structural engineering division is therefore accountable in terms of effective functionality, user safety and cost management of its structures or structural influences.

In infrastructural and heavy industry terms, this undertaking is complex and failure has severe liability and cost repercussions. Bigen Africa is at pains to ensure that its structural engineering solutions are best-of-breed and deploy latest technologies and proven research.

Bigen is active in energy, water and sanitation utilities and reticulation, civil engineering projects, land development and township services, roads and transport hubs as well as in social services, mining and industrial. With its significant human and resource capital, Bigen is able to competently achieve its structural compliance objectives to the satisfaction of client and end user alike, in as diverse disciplines as post-tensioning and reinforcement, road layering, bulk pipeline networks and mining beneficiation.

Clients and legislative bodies, together with the end user population to which Bigen Africa is ultimately accountable, can rest assured that every and utmost care is taken in its execution of structural engineering projects.


Bigen Africa’s Strategic Work Into Rural Development Management

Bigen Africa is fully cognizant of the strategic importance and value of developing rural areas and assets into economic foundations for the mainstream economy. In addition, the wellbeing of a large, disadvantaged percentage of the population stands to be enhanced through these processes and progresses.


Bringing to bear its engineering, management consulting and development finance operating resources as well as its infrastructure asset management, revenue and financial management and international and development finance resources, it is able to deliver feasible and sustainable rural development initiatives and projects to fruition.
Using municipal and district structures to leverage community and rural economic resources to their full potential, Bigen boxes smart in a bid to elevate existing infrastructure and assets to greater and greater heights, cost –effectively and productively.

Using its consultative and collaborate technical and engineering knowledge base, Bigen Africa is able to provide necessary but unavailable expertise and to develop feasible and effective solutions.

Using best-practice solutions, fit-for-purpose materials and resources and quality and safety standards comparable to the global best, Bigen brings world class solutions to rural Africa and deploys them to the highest quality and functionality compliances.
In the globally competitive world economy, countries with the soundest rural development assets will have the edge – Bigen has made it its mission to deliver sound solutions and durable construction to its communities, cost-effectively and economically.

Coupled with its alliances with governing structures, Bigen is mindful of national imperatives which include issues such as improving productivity in land reform projects through an effective Recapitalisation and Development Programme, developing high standards of corporate governance and enhanced service delivery, implementing effective change management and innovation strategies and improving the efficiency of information management systems as well as strict production discipline for guaranteed national food security.