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Doing good while doing business



Bigen Africa aims for R2 million fundraiser target


Bigen Africa, a solutions-driven infrastructure development Group based in South Africa with a growing Africa footprint, has set itself an ambitious target of R2 million for its Akaretsa fundraising campaign this year. So far, the Group has surprised contributors, beneficiaries, the public (and even itself!) by raising the bar significantly every year since launching Akaretsa in 2013 with its first target of R50 000 – and making target every time!

“Bigen Africa is no stranger to the challenges of fundraising,” says Dr Snowy Khoza, Chief Executive Officer. “The Group’s team of ‘engineers with a conscience’ have shown their total commitment since 2013, when R50 000 was raised and donated to selected non-profit organisations. In 2014, Bigen Africa aimed to raise R500 000 and in 2015, raised the bar even further to R1 million – and achieved these targets every time!”

Spurred on by its highly successful fundraising campaign last year, Bigen Africa decided to double the target amount this year and aim for R2 million.

“In fact, the Group exceeded its target last year, as a result of a very active campaign which included the annual Bigen Golf Day, employee contributions of non-billable time, tithing by management and CSI contributions,” says Dr Khoza. “The Bigen Africa team itself gives generously of its time, effort and funds. However, the Akaretsa campaign is also very generously supported by the Group’s partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, without whom it would not have been possible to make target.”

Making a difference

Proceeds from the Akaretsa campaign are earmarked for various non-profit organisations in the areas where the Group has undertaken infrastructure development projects. Social partners who have benefitted from the 2015 campaign include POPUP; Mamelodi Hospice; Funanani; Word for the Nations Ministries; Saint Theresa’s Parish and the Lighthouse Ministries in Ghana; and In-Community Care for Orphans in Zambia.  Through these funds, most of it generously donated by the Group’s partners and suppliers, these beneficiaries had the means to improve hopeless lives, educate those with no future and care for the terminally ill.

“Bigen Africa is deeply grateful to all contributors whose simple actions of donating have lightened the heavy burdens of many,” says Dr Khoza. “We appeal to our stakeholders and even the public to participate in Akaretsa and again help make a difference to many needy people this year.”

The Akaretsa campaign reflects the inclusive culture of the Group, which partners with stakeholders in both business and CSI initiatives. This year, fundraising activities will include sponsorship of employees in mass participation events such as the comrades and Iron Man, a gala fundraising event, an internal divisional target challenge and encouragement of external donations.

The Group’s enthusiasm for a good cause is inspired by its creed of “doing good while doing business”, which is not only applied to fundraising and CSI, but also in the communities where projects are undertaken. Here, “doing good” means channeling job and procurement opportunities to local community members.

Bigen Africa provides innovative infrastructure solutions at sites across South Africa as well as in several other African countries. With its vision of improving the quality of life through the development of sustainable infrastructure solutions, the Group integrates the entire value chain through in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships, providing engineering, management consulting, development financing and advisory services on cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure projects.

Make your contributions!

Anyone interested in contributing to Akaretsa, can please contact Kesvin Govender on Tel: 012 – 842 8743 or e-mail: