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Doing good while doing business


Our Transport Division aims to improve the quality of life of all stakeholders through the development of appropriate and sustainable transport infrastructure solutions. The development of cost-effective solutions is based on:

  • optimising the benefit to the customer;
  • linking the benefit to a value-delivery mechanism; and
  • offering an edge over competitors with African solutions developed by Africans The company has a well-established

reputation of more than 30 years in the development of new road infrastructure as well as the upgrading, rehabilitation and implementation of existing road engineering services, and has attracted numerous industry recognition and accolades.

Bigen Africa has completed national and provincial road projects to the value of billions of rand, including major links and interchanges. Also involved in international projects in Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Botswana, Bigen Africa is positioned as one of Africa’s leading infrastructure development companies

Our Value Proposition

Our extensive range of services includes the planning, design, construction supervision and project management of projects. These projects are being successfully implemented throughout Africa, where the labor-intensive nature of many of these projects provides employment for local people.

Our Services Include

>> Roads Engineering Services

  • Planning, contract implementation and administration of national, provincial, metropolitan, urban and rural roads and storm water systems as well as Bus rapid transit (BRT) systems
  • Design and rehabilitation of freeways and interchanges
  • Design and construction projects (turnkey operations)
  • Design and rehabilitation of freeways and interchanges
  • Commercial parking areas
  • Landscaping and site rehabilitation
  • Labour-intensive construction

Expertise ranges from design, documentation and contract administration of roadwork to the commissioning of road works and innovative transportation systems. Bigen Africa’s smarter business approach integrates engineering, management consulting and project finance expertise to customize innovative business solutions in building national, provincial, urban and rural roads.

Projects are managed according to a well-established turnkey design and construction methodology which includes a legal framework for all aspects of typical road and storm water projects within the local sphere of operations.

Consulting Services

  • Traffic and transportation studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical inputs for township layout planning
  • Total cost analysis of proposals
  • Project financing and cost recovery
  • Policy issues and institution support
  • Stakeholder facilitation

Recent successful road infrastructure projects:

  • The upgrade of the entire road network in Soweto within less than five years (R600 million project for the Johannesburg Roads Agency)
  • Rehabilitation of the N11 between Ermelo and Hendrina as part of the Mpumalanga Coal Haul Network upgrading – 53km
  • Rehabilitation of the N14 between Delareyville and Sannieshof – 39km
  • Construction of the Maandagshoek access road for Modikwa Mine and Roads Agency in Limpopo, as part of the mines Social Labour Plan – 11km

With Vast Experience in transportation projects and access to a network of professionals, the roads team provides professional services in roads and transportation engineering.

The company’s bridge design and construction experience spans more than 20 years.

Projects comprise:

  • Site selection and optimisation
  • Economic optimisation of structural designs
  • Concrete designs
  • Determination of flood runoffs and flood lines
  • Environmentally friendly structures
  • Bridge aesthetics
  • Planning, design, documentation and construction supervision
  • Project management

In the traffic and transportation discipline, the company’s experience includes analyses of the Lindi-Dar-Es-Salaam corridor and the design of highways, road drainage, streets, bridges, rail lines and public transport facilities.

Areas Of Excellence

  • Pavements and materials
  • Geometric
  • Bridges
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Site supervision and project management Bigen Africa’s staff has extensive experience in pavement design for extra-heavy loads (mine haul roads) and BRT systems (Johannesburg, Tshwane and Rustenburg

Social Investment

Bigen Africa believes in the principle of doing good while doing business, which is channeled through its Intuthuko Foundation which was established as a platform for the company’s social investment drive. Its social responsibility approach is effective in creating employment and relieving poverty in the areas of operation.

Our Value-add Proposition

Our integrity, commitment, desire to serve, passion for excellence, empowerment focus, innovative and creative working environment provides our specialist, multidisciplinary teams with a solid foundation to implement successful projects for our clients. The extensive range of our road services includes the planning, design, construction supervision and project management of large scale township and spatial development projects. These projects are being successfully implemented throughout Africa, where the labour-intensive nature of many of these projects provides employment for local people.

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