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Doing good while doing business

Revenue and Financial Management

At Bigen Africa we think smarter about infrastructure development and service delivery to communities. Core to this demand is proper and disciplined revenue management, because, especially in local governments, sustainable success depends on funding and a credible income stream.

The ability of municipalities to maximise revenue and develop infrastructure is affected by:

  • Inefficient day-to-day processes;
  • Insufficient knowledge of the indigent reality;
  • Inadequate technology;
  • A lack of data integrity;
  • Unreliable and time consuming manual processes;
  • Inconsistent credit control and debt collection measures;
  • A culture of non-payment; and
  • A lack of capacity and skills.

Our Value Proposition

Bigen Africa integrates the entire value chain in an infrastructure development and maintenance process through in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships – from revenue management and financing through to infrastructure development and asset management.

We are committed to add value to any assignment or project that we are involved in. We also assist with on-the-job training and capacity building in order to create a sustainable revenue management function.

The Bigen Africa Value Proposition

Our approach is based on working as a team with municipal staff, with mutual goals. Our signature service centers on the following principles:

  • A joint effort in working with municipalities to create one team with one message.
  • Strategy development with the municipality to design a custom-made revenue-management and debt collection
  • Strategy that includes data purification and several other functions.
  • A dedicated system installed (as required by the Systems Act), with municipal staff trained by Bigen Africa team to implement and use the system.
  • Transparent planning through regular meetings by a steering committee (consisting of municipal, council and Bigen Africa representatives) and joint decision-making on debt collection and credit control, thus instilling a habit of regular payment in the community

Holistic Approach

Bigen Africa believes that debt collection on its own does not provide a long-term and sustainable solution. We follow a holistic approach that focuses on all elements that can influence revenue management in the local government environment. Our revenue management value chain addresses several functions and processes that have a direct impact on revenue management as well as on training and capacity building:

Infrastructure DevelopmentResponsible Revenue Management

Municipalities are legally mandated and morally bound to manage and enhance revenue to ensure their financial and economic stability. Generally, this results from:

  • Maximising income through proper revenue management, across all departments;
  • Improving revenue collection to guarantee cash flow;
  • Ensuring effective functioning of systems, processes
  • and procedures;
  • Enhancing monthly income by instilling a habit of regular payment; and
  • Creating an environment conducive to sustainable development, growth and service delivery.

Numerous revenue management assessments of municipalities by our revenue management team have found that many municipalities regard their revenue management as adequate, but that efforts to improve the situation are often isolated and sporadic.

To address this, a holistic approach to revenue management must be adopted. Our revenue-enhancement value chain sets out a sequential flow of key elements and interdependencies to assist municipalities to effectively manage revenue.

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