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Doing good while doing business

Infrastructure Asset Management

Bigen Africa enhances the quality of life of all citizens through service delivery to communities across the African Continent by the development and management of infrastructure. We create sustainable infrastructure solutions by applying asset management principles across the entire project life cycle.

The art and science of physical asset management is at the heart of Bigen Africa’s smarter thinking about infrastructure improvement. Our integrity, commitment, desire to serve, passion for excellence and empowerment, alongside our innovative and creative working environment provide a solid foundation for our specialist, multi- disciplinary teams from which to implement successful projects. By means of a partnership approach, we empower our clients to not only achieve their organisational strategic plans but also to deal with issues related to ageing infrastructure as well as to improve return on investment in physical assets.

Our value proposition

Bigen Africa has an integrated view of asset management, with the aim of maximising the development potential of our region and continent. We facilitate the complete set of systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which an organisation optimally and sustainably manages assets and asset systems. We work towards increased asset performance, decreased risk and optimised expenditure over the complete life cycles of assets and asset systems.

Our asset management capability includes an intimate knowledge of the numerous acts, standards, guidelines and regulations impacting on the management of physical assets in the infrastructure environment. We utilise nationally and internationally recognised standards such as:

  • International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM);

  • PAS 55:2008;
  • ISO/IEC 15288: Systems Engineering & Life Cycle Processes;
  • NRS 093-1: 2009 Asset Management of Electricity Infrastructure; and
  • DPLG Guidelines for Infrastructure Asset Management in Local Government 2006-2009.

Bigen Africa adds additional value by ensuring compliance with the PFMA/MFMA, GRAP, National Treasury Regulations, GIAMA and other legislation impacting on asset management activities and practices. Our expertise is applied to the accurate assessment of assets, risks and safety needs to optimise asset preservation.

Infrastructure ManagementOur approach

Bigen Africa’s disciplined approach to the management of (primarily) physical assets plays a key role in assisting our clients in asset intensive businesses to use limited resources to achieve their stated business objectives in the most cost effective way. We combine engineering and mathematical analyses with sound business practice and economic theory to achieve best net, sustained value-for-money in the creation / selection / design / acquisition, utilisation / operation, maintenance / inspection and renewal / disposal of physical infrastructure and equipment.

Through a Programme and Project Management approach, we form integrated teams with our clients and collectively ensure that specific targets are set and achieved. Bigen Africa is concerned with environmental responsibility, social progress and ensuring sustainability in economic activity. We give specific attention to capacity building in the execution of our projects. As a result of our collaborative approach, project risks and quality are managed and skills transferred.


Our services

Bigen Africa offers clients a host of experienced asset management professionals that are experts in their respective technical disciplines and are representative of our diverse culture. These resources are brought together under a single point of responsibility offered by a company that has had extensive exposure to the systems, procedures and vision of national, provincial and local government as well as a variety of other public and private sector clients. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration and engagement with our clients, we enable them to benefit from their assets’ operational performance and profitability.

Our asset management services include the following.

Service sectors

  • Electricity network
  • Roads and storm water network
  • Water supply network
  • Sanitation network
  • Maintenance and operations of water treatment plants
  • Maintenance and operations of waste water treatment plants
  • Rail network
  • Information and communications network
  • Community facilities (incl. Clinics & Schools)
  • Sport and recreation facilities
  • Historic buildings and monuments
  • Conservation areas
  • Heritage sites
  • Operational buildings Housing
  • Housing

Service offerings

  • Asset accounting
  • Asset management planning
  • Operation and maintenance
    • Maintenance management systems
    • Refurbishment O&M support
  • Programme and project management
  • Energy efficiency and demand management
  • Sustainable development facilitation and management
  • Knowledge transfer and skills development
  • Condition assessments
  • Information management
  • PAS 55 assessments and compliance enablement
  • Institutional management support
  • Policies and strategy development


In addition addition to our operation and maintenance contracts, our services include:

  • Management of production and treatment processes
  • Analytical monitoring throughout the treatment stages, up to delivery of the treated water to customers.
  • Complete management of the assets’s life cycle, from preventive and corrective maintenance (repair) of facilities and electromechanical equipment, instruments and control-command systems , to renewal of assets
  • integrated staff management and application of social responsibility rules
  • integrated management of the supply chain management process, purchases and logistics
  • Drafting of customized customer reports (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Complete administrative and financial management
  • Green space management, site caretaking, external works maintenance

Our Projects

Bigen Africa has established a reputation for empowering our clients to reap the benefits of good asset management and to resolve their infrastructure challenges. The following selection of projects gives an indication of our track record and reflects the knowledge as well as experience of Bigen’s Asset Management Team.

City Power PAS 55 assessment and the development of an asset management policy and strategy.
Ekurhuleni Asset audits, development of GRAP compliant asset registers, asset management plans, backlog studies and on-going support through a bureau appointment.
Various Local Municipalities Identification, condition assessment, unbundling, componentisation and valuation of immovable assets and investment properties; development of asset registers, asset management systems and asset management plans; updating of asset registers, maintenance and operations of water and waste water treatment works
National and Provincial Government Departments Condition assessment projects, repair & maintenance audits; compilation of asset registers and infrastructure investment plans; development of asset management plans; updating of asset registers.

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