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Doing good while doing business

Bigen Africa – your socio-economic development partner

Ms Fatima Collins, Bigen Africa’s Socio-Economic Development Principal, has a wealth of experience and heads up the Group’s SED division.

At Bigen Africa the core focus of infrastructure development is to create sustainable social and economic benefits for countries, regions and communities – this has been the philosophy of the leading infrastructure-development group since its inception more than four decades ago and it has been the major driver in its aggressive growth during this period.

The group’s claims that it is a development activist and does good while doing business, carry substance. Its multi-pronged approach to infrastructure development enables the provision of a regional and local delivery platform for government and the private sector ensuring that infrastructure projects drive sustainable social and economic development.

Its product offering, often in partnerships that boost end-results effectively, is tailored to ensure socially desirable outcomes emanating from the use of social and economic infrastructure. The group’s recently launched socio-economic development division provides sustainable infrastructure solutions through the implementation, monitoring and reporting of:
– Service delivery;
– Skills development;
– Community social investment;
– Economic inclusion;
– Infrastructure investment; and the
– Environment.

This approach maximises local economic participation resulting in sustainable benefits that allow organisations to accurately report on their triple bottom line.

Benchmarks followed by the Bigen Africa SED team to achieve optimum results include the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) and the National Treasury Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM). Planning of solutions includes consultative community assessments to address the most urgent social needs of local communities. In addition to these, there are policies that govern supplier development, capacity building and skills transfer in the sector. For Bigen Africa, these policies are much more than a regulatory compliance exercise – it is a business philosophy born from experience and a desire to do good while doing business.

Bigen Africa conducts business guided by a strict corporate-governance framework with zero tolerance for unethical behaviour or practices, compliance with the King III and an empowerment drive that has already earned it a B-BBEE Level 2 certification. Projects outside South Africa adhere to country specific empowerment goals.

Through its innovative, holistic and partner-focused approach, Bigen Africa provides sustainable infrastructure solutions across key development sectors, customised to customer and regional requirements to deliver bankable projects which are fit-for-purpose and benefit the communities that access the infrastructure. It boasts a proven track record of infrastructure development solutions across the African continent, with positive, award-winning impacts in social and infrastructure development.

By doing good while doing business, Bigen Africa realises a lasting development impact to provide access to services, reduce poverty, build capacity and generate opportunities for increased economic participation and employment.

For more information contact Ms Fatima Collins, Bigen Africa SED Principal on 012 842 8774.