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Doing good while doing business

Bigen Africa CEO recognised for being “Unashamedly Ethical”


The Bigen Africa Group takes a strong ethical stance which includes zero tolerance for theft and corruption, as inspired by CEO, Dr  Snowy Khoza’a personal convictions.

Bigen Africa CEO receives “Unashamedly Ethical” recognition

Dr Snowy Khoza, Chief Executive Officer of the Bigen Africa Group, has received recognition from Unashamedly Ethical, an international organisation driving the Unashamedly Ethical campaign to encourage a return to ethics in the spheres of business, church, education, health, government, non-governmental organisations, sport and youth.

Dr Khoza was nominated by her colleagues for her exemplary moral and ethical behaviour. A committed Christian who currently leads the Agape Christian Women’s Network International – a non-profit organisation – as International President, Dr Khoza has not hesitated to infuse the entire Bigen Africa Group with her own passion for ethical business practice. The group is known for its strong ethical stance which includes zero tolerance for theft and corruption.

Dr Khoza ascribes her personal code of ethics to her Christian principles and the influence of her maternal grandmother, who raised her. “She instilled core values in me and impressed the culture and ethics on me which I still strive to share with those around me,” she says.

“I am tremendously honoured to be recognised for the principles I value so much and also because it reflects on the Bigen Africa Group. The team of 500 employees have responded most enthusiastically to my effort to ensure good business ethics across the group.”

The Unashamedly Ethical Campaign honours men, women and organisations who/which are making an impact in their community or sector as a result of an unwavering commitment to ethics, values and clean living.

Unashamedly Ethical is a Christian-based campaign founded by South African businessman Dr Graham Power, founder and chairman of the Power Group of Companies and founder of the Global Day of Prayer. The campaign challenges individuals and organisations to sign a pledge as a public display of their commitment to ethics, values and clean living.  Their names are added to a global database and they agree to be held accountable by Unashamedly Ethical-appointed ombudsmen or -women should a complaint be raised against them. Launched internationally in 2010, the campaign now has around 5 000 organisational and 25 000 individual signatories in more than 100 countries.

The campaign recognises those “extraordinary people whose names have almost become synonymous with ‘good moral principles and/or values’ within different spheres of society,” says Marcel Versveld, South Africa Coordinator for Unashamedly Ethical. “This is accompanied by a deep and sincere desire to impact other people’s lives or communities in a profoundly positive manner and their approach to life is: ‘How can I make a difference in someone else’s life?’”

For Dr Khoza, this is indeed the core purpose of her life, as it is her passion to proactively champion those in need, from the thousands of people in Africa who benefit from Bigen Africa’s infrastructure development projects and the job opportunities they create, to non-profit organisations sorely in need of funding and, last but not least, individuals whose lives are changed by her tireless work to create sustainable support systems for those in need.