Bigen Africa is a committed corporate citizen, adhering to all facets of King III Report on Corporate Governance. The company has transformed itself into one of the country ’s leading infrastructure development activists, committed to improving the quality of life of all people through appropriate, sustainable infrastructure development solutions. The company is committed to leadership development, sound financial practices and an on-going focus on the “triple bottom -line”, with particular emphasis on the social impact of all activities under-taken, whilst complying with international best practices. 

Bigen Africa has a network of 14 offices across South Africa and is represented in various African countries. The group’s remarkable growth since its establishment in 1971 is indicative of its smarter business approach – interlocking worldclass, best-practice development finance, engineering, and management consulting expertise to customise innovative, value-driven solutions for clients in the public and private sectors alike.

At Bigen Africa, we think smarter about infrastructure development – and our solutions span the entire life-cycle of projects.

We structure integrated and sustainable development partnerships which give our clients the advantage of, not only tailored infrastructure on-site, but sustainable projects in the context of their broader socio-economic environment.

Our comprehensive range of professional services assists our clients to remain profitable enterprises, while contributing positively to development, both locally and throughout Africa.

Bigen Africa is committed to broad-based black economic empowerment and, as a responsible corporate citizen, supports the government’s quest to redress past imbalances and ensure broader participation of black people in the economy to achieve sustainable development for all South Africans.

Our excellence is reinforced by a multitude of prestigious awards since the establishment of the company in 1971 - awards in categories such as sustainable growth, professional management, business excellence, top ten companies to work for and best-managed companies.


Developing sustainable infrastructure to improve the quality of life of all.


To become the thought- leading multi-national infrastructure development consultancy with core capabilities in engineering, management consulting and development finance.


Bigen Africa integrates the entire value chain in an infrastructure development process through in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships – from feasibility studies through project preparation, management and implementation to development finance and on-going asset management.

We believe that the success of any cost-effective and sustainable project starts with the true integration of four cornerstones of civil society and sustainable communities, namely social, institutional, financial and physical elements. Furthermore, we provide clients with a complete solution to all facets of a project – based on, amongst others, our intimate understanding of the requirements of governments, local authorities and other stakeholders.

Our smarter approach to infrastructure development adds validity and creative value to the services we provide.